george_kaiser.jpgGeorge B. Kaiser is President, CEO and owner of GBK Corporation, parent of Kaiser–Francis Oil Company, which he has managed for more than 40 years. He is Chairman of the Board and majority shareholder of BOK Financial Corporation, the 23rd largest U.S. bank holding company, and a majority shareholder of several oil and gas, mining, manufacturing and technology companies. Excelerate Energy, which he founded, operates the first offshore LNG regasification terminals in the world. Through Argonaut Private Equity, he has controlling or significant majority interest in more than 50 companies in various industries in the U.S., India, Australia and elsewhere.


Kaiser has been engaged in numerous civic activities.  He founded Tulsa Community Foundation and Tulsa Educare, Inc. He has chaired the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and was a Trustee at The University of Tulsa and a National Elected Director of the Harvard Alumni Association. He also chaired the Board of Trustees of Hillcrest medical Center and was a member of the boards of the Tulsa Psychiatric Center and the Tulsa Medical Education Foundation. The family foundation he started is focused on 1) early intervention in the cycle of poverty, 2) public health and 3) Tulsa civic enhancement.


Kaiser attended Tulsa public schools and earned a BA degree from Harvard College in 1964 and an MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration in 1966.